Changing the real estate home at a time!

Why work with Good Investments?

Because finding the right home for you and your family means not only understanding the market but the homes in it and how we may use them in the future.

Our Mission…to find unappreciated value and opportunity in the real estate market by asking the questions no one seems to be asking…

Ask yourself….will there ever come a time when Solar Electricity will make sense in the average home?

The answer to that is yes!

But all we need is exposure to the sun right?

To economically generate solar electricity you need a home a home with favorable solar potentials.  Only certain homes posses this potential and in today’s market, solar potentials are still free!

What are solar potentials…Learn More

Can we renovate a fixer upper to get the home of our dreams and build equity at the same time?

The answer to that is yes!

But how do we find profitable fixer uppers?

The key to buying or selling any home that needs renovations is to be properly represented.  Only your Good Investments agent has the construction knowledge and market experience to find viable renovation opportunities.

What makes a profitable renovation?  Learn More…

Whether you’re looking for your forever home, a starter home or if you’re down sizing, Good Investments is the only name in professional representation.  Our continuing education program insures that our agents not only know the market, but they know the product as well.  From how homes are built, to how they age and what the future may hold for them, our forward thinking business model is the key to making or realizing the most out of your investment….



There are many agents who understand the real estate market but few who understand the homes in it.

This is important because there’s more to buying or selling a home than how it looks or where it is. Understanding how the home is built, what it cost to operate and what kind of potential it has is the difference between living in a home and investing in an affordable, sustainable future.

For those who know the difference, there are several types of home investment opportunities in the market today including homes that are move-in-ready, homes with sustainable potentials and homes that need repair.  Only Efficient Living has the expertise to recognize, understand and market these distinctions.  Learn more …

But finding the right home is pointless if you can’t close the deal.  While most closing delays are funding related, titling errors, unpaid taxes or repair issues will often bring the closing process to a halt.  While addressing these concerns is relatively easy if you find them soon enough, most agents depend on closing attorneys or home inspectors to do their research which takes time.  Before your property is listed, before the final offer is submitted, your Efficient Living agent has already inspected the property as well as the paperwork so we can find and address these issues before they become closing delays.

Efficient Living is a new kind of agency for a changing world.  Our agents pride themselves on knowing more about the home and the real estate deal than anyone in the market today.  Let us put this knowledge and experience to work for you!

In you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, contact us today!