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We have a unique approach on how we are tracking investment real estate in the Charlotte Area.



Any home buying or selling strategy needs to be tailored directly to the type of home you’re buying or selling….find out which strategy best fits your needs!


Good Investments is the first real estate agency to recognize solar potentials, the only real estate agency qualified to recognize worthwhile renovation projects and your only choice when buying or selling your Move-In-Ready home!

While other agents are waiting on your inspection report, your Good Investments agent is closing the deal!

If a home needs repairs, these repairs usually aren’t too hard to spot…if you know what you’re looking for! We pride

ourselves on an continuing education program that is second to none, giving our agents the knowledge they need to truly understand every home they see in a way other agents can’t. This insures that your deal is properly negotiated from the very beginning which streamlines the process and minimizes the surprises that often cause delays.

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