Does this make sense?

Whenever we see these list we typically say “here we go again” but we’ve actually found a couple of these that makes sense and couldpullouts be easily implemented without major renovations.

The “Pull Out Pantry Shelves” are a prime example of this and using parts that are readily available at any of the big box stores, you could probably pull this off on a Saturday afternoon if you have any skill at all. The “Pot Hanger” could also fall into this category.

The rest of it would be nice to incorporate into a kitchen remodel but we’ll save that for another day.

Awesome upgrades

The future of Solar…

Having lived through the Cell Phone and Personal Computer era, many of us are very hopeful that Solar will eventually take a more useful, affordable role in our everyday lives.  Many doubt the viability of solar, but many doubted the viability of the cell phone and the personal computer too…

This is a long read and while it is basically opinion but, if nothing else, it’s interesting…

The Future of Solar


Lighting the way

We typically don’t like our government telling us what to do but sometimes, they get it right.  One prime example of this is the pollution control standards they used to make the auto industry clean up their act back in the early 1970s.  This forced the auto industry to get better at using fossil fuels and because of it, our cars are more economical, longer lasting and perform better while our air has gotten cleaner despite having more cars on the road!

Another prime example of government intervention actually being good for us is the Energy Independence and Security Act in 2007.  Legislated to get us away from the inefficient incandescent light bulbs into more effective alternatives, the results have been overwhelmingly positive and not so harmful to our wallets!

LEDSLighting the Way…

Hidden Spaces….

We often find homes with otherwise wasted space but hiding this space can often turn it from useless to useful.  From secure storage to safe rooms, from play spaces to reclaiming space, using every square inch of your homes foot print only makes sense!

Hidden Spaces…


Flip or Flop – Breaking up house….

Welcome to our blog!  If you follow along, you’ll find that we review the better renovation reality shows to help shed some light on what they can’t explain in their short time slot.

In usual Flip or Flop fashion, Tarek and Christina purchased a home that needed all the cosmetics only to find out that the concrete slab the home was built on is totally falling apart. It’s not so hard to believe in an earthquake zone that dirt moves but after taking one look at this dump, I’m surprised they bothered!

After spending $36,000 to fix the foundation, they find that the house is no longer level or square so $36k turns into $50k by the time the rest of the home is “squared up”.  Whenever foundations move, they will take the rest of the home along for the ride and basically, it started ripping the house apart.  This can not only lead to crooked walls and sagging ceilings, but pipes and wires get stressed which can and of often will cause plumbing leaks or electrical failures,  Roof leaks are also commonly caused by shifting foundations so be aware!

Whenever looking at a home, make sure all the doors and windows open properly because if they don’t, it’s possible the home has foundation issues.  Ill fitting doors and windows will often be accompanied by cracks in the sheetrock above the ill fitting door or window which again is visual evidence that the house is moving more than it should.  We know this didn’t come as a surprise to the dynamic duo but the drama makes for great TV!

They eventually made a great point… finding these “hidden” expenses altered the course of their project and, based on how expensive land is in the area, they could have taken those dollars and added a master bedroom suite onto the house and essentially doubled their profits!  Unfortunately, the expense and complications suffered from their foundation repairs blinded their better judgement, causing them to second guess their plans and miss this opportunity.

Because they’re talented, they were able to come out of this deal with a little profit but they were disappointed that they could have done better!  But in general, many investors would have walked away from this job.  Nice work guys!


The Tesla Powerwall

One of the main economic factors that prevents solar energy from being a good supplement to grid supplied electricity is our inability to store electricity.  For the most part, we’ve been forced to use solar as it’s being produced which limits how we can use it.

This is beginning to change as seen by the introduction of the Tesla “Power Wall”, a home battery that is designed specifically for storing solar energy.

This is good news and the financial and engineering requirements needed to design and manufacturer the Power Wall show how committed Tesla is to alternative energy sources!