Battle of the String Trimmers….

In the ring today are the more affordable options currently on the shelf at Lowe’s…the Black&Decker Cordless LST420 and the Troy-Bilt TB22.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages….

We like the Black&Decker line of cordless yard tools for working the average suburban lawn.  Battery life is enough to trim and edge the average 1/2 acre or smaller yard and the electric motor has good torque for excellent cutting power as well as a long tool life with low maintenance without the headaches of working with gas cans, etc.  The blower using the same batteries doesn’t look like much but if all you’re doing is blowing grass clippings off the drive way or a maybe few leaves, its light weight for easy handling and plenty powerful for those duties!

The Troy-Bilt is good at what it does and it will offer you a longer use interval than the battery powered B&D which is good if you’re working a larger yard or have lots of weeding and edging to do.  The downsize of course is dealing with a 2-cycle gasoline engine and the maintenance issues and gas cans that come along with it.  This machine is more powerful than the cordless unit so if you’re cutting brush, this is the way to go.

But for most suburban duties, we’ll take the Black&Decker cordless!

Battle of the String Trimmers

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