Fixer Upper…We fix old houses.

Ask and you shall receive, our potential homeowners are asking for an older home that needs a little work and boy do Chip and Joanna deliver on this one! As usual, we find our couple showing their clients 3 homes and renovating the one they picked. Even though the first house they show is old,… Read More

Flip or Flop – Freeway Flip

Tarek and Christina are in Anaheim today, working with this what appears to be a charming ranch which is parked right next to the freeway! This can make for a tough flip but the house has a nice pool, great curb appeal and I’ll assume a good price! One of the first things they noticed… Read More

Flip or Flop – Custom Craftsman…

Today, a friend reaches out to Tarek and Christina looking to partner up on a craftsman-style home in a historic area of Santa Ana.  This house is absolutely hideous but a complete electrical overhaul and a tasteful remodel that pays tribute to the original design of the home transforms trash to treasure. Thankfully, these guys… Read More

Kitchen Design?

Here’s a little insight into kitchen layout that we found to be fairly helpful. 00

Love It or List It…..The Century Old Farmhouse

This is trouble!  We’re still in the Durham area but this time we find Hillary and David helping a couple who inherited a farmhouse on 4 acres of land.  The house has sentimental value for him but she’s expecting and can’t wrap her mind around the amount of work this property needs to be brought… Read More

Centipede Portable Work Station

We found this little jewel on an end cap at Lowe’s and thought for a second it held promise.  However, we’ve used similar setups in the past and it’s our opinion that this product is often “under foot”, meaning we’ve found the large number of legs (which are all the way out at the edge… Read More

The future of Solar…

Having lived through the Cell Phone and Personal Computer era, many of us are very hopeful that Solar will eventually take a more useful, affordable role in our everyday lives.  Many doubt the viability of solar, but many doubted the viability of the cell phone and the personal computer too… This is a long read… Read More

Love It or List It…Sight Unseen

This episode, “Sight Unseen” finds us back in Durham where Hillary and David are working with a young couple who just had to live in one of the trendier downtown neighborhoods.  As the market is tight in this area, the couple bid sight unseen to buy their home and now regret it! Fortunately, the house… Read More

Lighting the way

We typically don’t like our government telling us what to do but sometimes, they get it right.  One prime example of this is the pollution control standards they used to make the auto industry clean up their act back in the early 1970s.  This forced the auto industry to get better at using fossil fuels… Read More

Spray Foam to the rescue!

We love spray foam and if you’re doing a rehab project, you’ll probably be using it sooner than later.  We’re constantly amazed at the uses they find for it including the latest, leveling concrete slabs with it.  It’s products like this than can make or break you’re renovation! 00