What the….

Lowe’s didn’t disappoint today!  Anyone who has ever used a gas can knows what a pain it can be, especially sense the government instituted new gas can regulations several years ago so this can was built to make life easy again.  The trigger on top of the can works simply as a vent and the… Read More

Battle of the String Trimmers….

In the ring today are the more affordable options currently on the shelf at Lowe’s…the Black&Decker Cordless LST420 and the Troy-Bilt TB22.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages…. We like the Black&Decker line of cordless yard tools for working the average suburban lawn.  Battery life is enough to trim and edge the average 1/2 acre… Read More

Love It or List It…Mid Century Modern

What’s more popular…Loving It or Listing It! Our “Hillary – David” countdown starts in beautiful Durham, NC with a well preserved but dated mid-century modern ranch.  The home is on a crawl space/half basement and has been recognized by the historic society.  The homeowners are expecting soon, time is running out and they have a… Read More

Hidden Spaces….

We often find homes with otherwise wasted space but hiding this space can often turn it from useless to useful.  From secure storage to safe rooms, from play spaces to reclaiming space, using every square inch of your homes foot print only makes sense! 00

Flip or Flop – Breaking up house….

Welcome to our blog!  If you follow along, you’ll find that we review the better renovation reality shows to help shed some light on what they can’t explain in their short time slot. In usual Flip or Flop fashion, Tarek and Christina purchased a home that needed all the cosmetics only to find out that… Read More

The Tesla Powerwall

One of the main economic factors that prevents solar energy from being a good supplement to grid supplied electricity is our inability to store electricity.  For the most part, we’ve been forced to use solar as it’s being produced which limits how we can use it. This is beginning to change as seen by the… Read More