Centipede Portable Work Station

UntitledWe found this little jewel on an end cap at Lowe’s and thought for a second it held promise.  However, we’ve used similar setups in the past and it’s our opinion that this product is often “under foot”, meaning we’ve found the large number of legs (which are all the way out at the edge of the “table”) easy to trip over and often in the way.


For general use, we prefer the “Bluehawk” folding metal saw horse but other folding or stationary options will work well too although these have proven to be very durable and a good value.  More compact than the Centipede, the Bluehawks are easy to store and travel with, are height adjustable, durable and they carry plenty of weight.  They’re also cheaper than the Centipede by a long shot and you can find them at all the big box stores.

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