Flip or Flop – Freeway Flip

Tarek and Christina are in Anaheim today, working with this what appears to be a charming ranch which is parked right next to the freeway! This can make for a tough flip but the house has a nice pool, great curb appeal and I’ll assume a good price!

One of the first things they noticed is the dual pane windows that a previous owner saw fit to install.  This is a renovation touchdown!  It isn’t unusual to find multi-pane windows in high noise areas and we’ve actually heard of airport authorities buying them for homeowners so they can get runway additions approved.fof12

The house has the typically chopped up floorplan and the home was also added on to at some point but a permit search shows that the addition was approved by their local municipality.  Take note:  This is how you make money in real estate.   By re-configuring the floorplan and moving a bathroom they were able to take previously undeclared open space and create a master suite out of it.  This allows them to increase the number of bedrooms reported on the appraisal which instantly increases not only the appraisal value of the home, but a buyers motivation to buy it.

But as cute as the house is, it held some dirty secrets.  Some really bad termite damage, knob and tube wiring and a leaky roof drove the reno over budget.  But Christina saved the day with some fairly daring design choices…who would have thought that black trim would turn out so well!  The pool area turned out to be a huge plus but as is often the case, the concrete surround had been painted and they had a difficult time getting fresh paint to stick to it.  Dropping another $2k for sandblasting didn’t solve the problem as the concrete had originally been stained but how would you ever know this…that’s $2k down the tubes but these are the chances you take.

Their efforts paid off here as the house eventually sold for 30k over list!  Time to find another house to flip…

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