The Homes

Never ask a quesiton you don't already know the answer to....

Asking questions is one thing, being able to answer them is another. The best way to answer any question is to be an authority on the subject at hand. While your Good Investment understands the market like any good agent would, they are also an authority on the home itself.

Every Good Investments agent knows not only home homes are built, but how they function. From foundation to roof, from thermostat to furnace, Good Investments offers your agent the very best in basic construction education. While your home inspector will tell you what kind of condition the home is in on the day they inspect it, it isn’t their job to tell you what you can expect from it 1, 2 or 5 years from now…that’s our job!

It’s also important to build equity in a home whenever you have the chance and renovations can the the best way to do it…if they’re the right renovations! Your Good Investments agent knows what a load bearing wall is, understands the hidden capacities your mechanical system my have and can identity easy fixes from harder ones…

But because we understand the average home like no other agents working today, we look for homes that may eventually generate income for you. Yes, solar is a thing and yes it’s possible you may be able to use it some day to power your home…but only if you choose the right home!

we narrow them down to the Move-In-Ready, the Fixer Upper and the Solar Ready Home.

The Move-In-Ready Home

“Move-In-Ready” means different things to different people but typically, they range from the new or renovated to the dated but functioning home.  Remember though, just because it looks good doesn’t mean that it is…

The Fixer Upper

A Fixer Upper offers you a way to build equity by renovating a home that needs updates or additions, giving you the opportunity to finish the home the way you want.  The trick is finding the right one!

The Solar Ready Home

Homes with solar potentials, when you find them, make sensible investments because you won’t pay more for them, they don’t create added maintenance and you’ll never know you’re living in one…a truly no impact investment that has the potential to generate income.

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