Solar Ready

To understand where the real estate market will be tomorrow...we need to understand how it’s moving today.

The “Solar Ready” Home

One notable trend in housing today are solar potentials and the “Solar Ready” home.  To be clear, the “Solar Ready” home simply has the potential needed to harvest sunshine and doesn’t include the equipment needed to do it.  This sounds easy but only a small percentage of existing suburban homes offer easy to use, direct “all day, everyday” exposure to the sun.

But can’t you harvest solar energy everywhere?

It’s true that you can harvest solar energy anywhere the sun shines, but a solar panel needs to be aimed directly at the sun to be efficient….and there’s the easy way and the hard way to do it. Being able to practically use solar energy in the future will be the key to its affordability so we seek homes that offer the economy of being easy to work with. This gets even more difficult when you consider that your local government isn’t going to allow wholesale tree removal as solar becomes more popular and your home owners association more than likely won’t let you put a solar panel array in your front yard either.

The Solar Ready Home isn’t just an idea or theory.  In 2014, California enacted legislation requiring all new construction to be built to a “Solar Ready” standard.  Appraisers are also in the process of establishing guidelines for attaching value to the “Solar Ready” home which will pave the way for investing in solar futures.  This has created an entirely new segment of the real estate market and it’s here today because we’re bringing it to you.

A No-Cost Investment!

Homes with solar potentials, when you find them, make sensible investments because you won’t pay more for them, they don’t create added maintenance and you’ll never know you’re living in one…a truly no impact investment that has the potential to generate income.

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