When buying or selling a "Move-In-Ready" home, 5 to 10% of the homes value will be determined by it's condition.

It’s pretty simple to understand.  If you’re buying or selling a home with a new HVAC system or roof, it’s going to cost more than the same home that doesn’t.  Having the experience to recognize, value and negotiate the condition of the home will ultimately determine how much you buy or sell it for. Having the knowledge needed to evaluate the condition of a home and understanding how that condition affects the homes worth is what we do at Good Investments and why you want us negotiating with you!

If you understand that the value of a home is more than skin deep, then you know that only a Good Investments agent has the skill needed to understand the details and highlight the potentials of the average Move-In-Ready home!  Contact us today to find a home that’s right for you!