About Us

At Good Investments, our goal is to empower our clients with the ability to invest responsibly in their futures by capitlizing on the condition of their home, recognizing renovation potential and identifying future market opportunities.

While spending many years in the housing industry, the founders of Good Investments also spent many years in the engineering, manufacturing and entertainment sectors.  This gives us a very unique understanding of what the real estate market and the products offered in it should, can and will be.

Our mission, therefore, is to build the most innovative group of housing professionals that recognize potentials in today’s market while understanding how it can positively affect our clients, our country and our world.  It’s our belief that our business plan, while different from others in the marketplace, will ultimately be good for anyone and everyone who participates in it.

The biggest “About Us” story is yet to be written.  We’re excited about the opportunity we have in the housing industry and feel we’re filling a demand that is just beginning to materialize.  We look forward to building and using our resources to innovate and reinvent the average home as well as the housing market.

For better or worse, we understand and appreciate qualities in the average home that most agents don’t.  We find it staggering that more agents aren’t taking product knowledge more seriously, especially considering that a home is the largest investment most will ever make! This is even more concerning given that the technology exist that could, at some point, allow you to generate income from your home with little or no effort.

If you’re selling a home, finding value and quality where others don’t is the best way to distinguish it from the rest.  If you’re buying a home, finding value that others don’t appreciate is a sure way to get the best deal while building value at no additional cost.